1980s a decade to remember – but do you?

By Nancy Wheeler | July 29, 2020

11/19/1985 President Reagan during his trip to Switzerland attending the Geneva Summit and meeting with General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev of the USSR at the Fleur d’Eau, Boat (pool) house

It was decade of big hair and big news: AIDS, the Challenger explosion and the fall of the Berlin Wall. But how well do you remember local happenings? Take this quiz to find out. Answers at right.

1. In 1988, who was hired as the producing artistic director for Music Theatre of Wichita?  

2. What was the name of the minor league ice hockey team based in Wichita from 1980-1983? 

3. In 1987, Botanica, The Wichita Gardens, opened its gates. What is the name of Botanica’s holiday event said to be Wichita’s premier light display? 

4. What oversized burger joint opened at Central and Woodlawn in 1984 and earned many fans with its build-your-own burger? 

5. Mental Toughness Xtra Effort (MTXE) was the 1980’s slogan for the Wichita State Shockers basketball team under which coach?

6. Who served four separate terms as mayor of Wichita in the 1980s? 

7. What opened in 1980 that featured Montgomery Ward, Henry’s and Service Merchandise? 

8. The KWCH Tower is the tallest structure in Kansas. What is the name of the tallest building in Kansas, completed in 1987? 

9. What sports and recreational facility opened in 1989 just south of the Kansas Coliseum? 




1. Mullets

2. Leg Warmers

3. Sony Walkman

4. Hacky Sacks

5. Parachute Pants

6. Break Dancing

7. Shoulder Pads

8. Boom Boxes