20 in ‘20: a little activity each day adds up

By The Active Age | February 3, 2020

As a health professional, Jane Byrnes says she can’t help but notice the decline of people who don’t stay active, even with simple walks.

“They want answers and pills from doctors, but ignore not moving their own bodies,” said Byrnes, a retired dietitian and member of Bike Walk Wichita.

Brynes thinks the concept of “20 in ‘20” – that is, setting a minimum goal of 20 minutes of activity each day in 2020 – is something that could catch on. And she likes the suggestions offered by an online campaign called “Move It Monday.”

Each Monday, moveitmonday.org offers fitness tips and inspiration that people can incorporate into their daily routines, like a recent one on organizing a “Monday mile” with your friends, co-workers or family. To subscribe, visit moveitmonday.org.