A thank-you…and a friendly challenge

By The Active Age | July 1, 2022

Editor’s note: This month we’re running Dear Reader columns from two of our board members — one about the heartening response to our current plight, and the other about our continuing need.

By Diana Breit Wolfe

Diana Wolfe

I am totally impressed. You like us — you really, really like us! I know that because after my plea last month for help with our dwindling donations, you sent us $12,708 through the first half of June (I’m writing this on June 15).

We received three $1,000 checks, a handful in the $200 to $250 range, 31 for $100 and 44 for $50. A total of 212 readers donated and we sincerely appreciate every one, whatever the amount.

As always, your accompanying notes and comments were fun to read: “Love the paper. Don’t want to lose it!” “This is my anti-deactivation contribution. I hope others heed the call.” “I saw the article so hope this helps.” “Please accept my donation of $200. I read the article about the close call to closing several years ago and would not like to see that happen.”

Of course, there’s a big BUT to all this joy: We are still $6,671 behind where we were last year at this time and $5,000 below what we planned in our 2022 budget — a total of $87,000.

We have six more months to reach our goal and I know you will continue to help. If you haven’t donated yet, please consider doing so. Reader response has shown that you want this newspaper around for a long, long time — and so do I. Thanks again!

Contact Diana Wolfe at dcwolfe2000@yahoo.com

By Al Higdon

Al Higdon

Like a number of you, I’m sure, my wife and I have been readers of The Active Age since its inception more than 40 years ago.

We’ve seen it grow in interest and influence under leadership of people such as my friend Elma Broadfoot and former Wichita State buddy Fran Kentling (the latter sadly no longer with us).

Today, The Active Age continues to deliver news and entertaining content geared toward helping us live fuller, happier and healthier lives.

Yet, as pointed out last month by my fellow board member Diana Wolfe, reader donations were down 28 percent through the first four months of this year, putting us on pace to fall about $20,000 short of our goal of $87,000 fundraising dollars in 2022.

There’s a disconnect here, which is easily reversable.

I issue a challenge to all who, like me, profit from readership of The Active Age: My additional check for $200 is now at The Active Age, and I ask that all who can join me at that amount (or higher). If $200 is out of reach, please consider a contribution in the amount you’re comfortable with, whether or not you’ve already sent The Active Age a check this year.

And if you’ve thought about sending in that first check, but just haven’t yet pulled the trigger on doing so, there’s no better time than now.

More than any other, this is “our” publication. I invite you to join me in assuring The Active Age continues to reach our homes each month, for many years to come.

Contact Al Higdon at akhigdon@yahoo.com.