About Us

Helping our readers in Sedgwick, Butler, and Harvey Counties live healthy, fulfilling and active lives

Active Aging was first published at WSU in 1979. Its mission was to explore the issues and information needs of seniors. There were few resources then to connect them to programs and agencies that could help meet those needs.

Several years later the newspaper moved to Friends University. In 2000 its connection with Friends was dissolved. We became an independent entity and moved to our current location at 125 S. West St.

That informational vision in 1978 has evolved to today’s 501(c)(3) not-for-profit newspaper. Back then, we mailed free to some 30,000 50+ readers in Sedgwick, Harvey and Butler counties. Now, we print more than 60,000 papers a month.

Meet the Team!

Joe Stumpe

Joe Stumpe

Editor & Publisher

Teresa Schmied

Teresa Schmied

Advertising Manager

Tammara Fogle

Tammara Fogle

Business Manager


Board of Directors

Tim Marlar — President

— Vice President

Linda Matney — Secretary

Diana Wolfe — Treasurer

Harry Clements

Mary Corrigan

Al Higdon

Sharon Van Horn

Julie Schaar

Tiya Tonn