Alzheimer’s Association: Kansas a ‘desert’ for dementia treatment

By The Active Age | April 5, 2022

Kansas will have fewer than 10 neurologists per 10,000 people with dementia by 2025, according to a news release from the Alzheimer’s Association.

That makes it one of 20 U.S. states labeled “dementia neurology desserts” by the association.

The 2022 Alzheimer’s Association Facts and Figures report states that primary care physicians believe there are not enough dementia care specialists, including geriatricians, in their communities to meet patient demands. The shortage of specialists is a barrier to a timely and accurate diagnosis, and a lack of diagnosis means a delay in treatments, care delivery and supportive services.

According to the report, there were 20 practicing geriatricians in Kansas last year. It is estimated that a 505% increase in practicing geriatricians s needed by 2050 to meet the care needs of Kansas seniors living with Alzheimer’s in 2050.