April tri-county quiz is three times the fun

By Nancy Wheeler | April 1, 2024

The Active Age primarily serves readers in Butler, Harvey and Sedgwick counties. This month’s quiz tests readers’ knowledge of all three. Answers appear below.

1. The economy of this county changed almost overnight when an oil well was discovered in 1915.

2. Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and editor William Allen White spent the majority of his childhood in the largest city in this county.

3. This county was named for a Civil War major general in the Union Army.

4. This county hosts the oldest continuing Kansas festival, the Old Settler’s Picnic, which began in 1887.

5. A town in this county has been the home of a college affiliated with the Mennonite denomination as well as internationally known manufacturers of farm and turf equipment.

6. The Flood Control Act of 1965 authorized the establishment of an 8,400-acre reservoir in this county, combining two smaller lakes to create a premier lake destination.

7. This county is home to the Paradise Doll Museum and the Twisted Oz Motorcycle Museum.

8. According to historians, the confluence of two rivers in this county served as a trading post for Native Americans long before the arrival of white settlers.

9. This county’s largest city has been severely damaged by tornadoes twice in recent memory.

10. This county is home to an art deco theatre that opened in 1935 and is listed on the National Historic Register.

11. After visiting Bartlett Arboretum in Belle Plaine in the 1970s, a couple returned to this county inspired to create the Dyck Arboretum of the Plains featuring native Kansas plants.

12. White Castle sliders, named “The Most Influential Burger of All Time” by Time Magazine, originated in this Kansas county in 1921.

13. One of the most famous residents of this county was Milburn Stone, “Doc” of the long-running radio and TV series “Gunsmoke.”

14. Fluent in 14 different Indian dialects, trailblazer Jesse Chisholm paved the way for the settling of this county when he signed a treaty with the Plains Indian chiefs.

15. The amusement park in this county operated for 55 years from 1949 to 2004 and featured a wooden roller coaster.

16. The community college in this county has won 10 NJCAA national championships, including six in football, one in basketball, two in men’s cross country, one in women’s cross country and one in softball.

17. Generations of families dined at Lehr’s Motel Restaurant and enjoyed Mexican food at The Triangle Café along the Walnut River in this county.

18. Travelers who wish to take Amtrak’s Southwest Chief train to either Los Angeles or Chicago depart from a train station in this county between 2:00 and 3:00 a.m.

19.In the 1870s, this county saw an influx of Russian Mennonite settlers from the Ukraine, who brought with them a hard winter wheat suited to Kansas winters.

20. A maximum-security correctional facility opened in this county in 1991.

21. The living history museum in this county lets visitors experience the city like it’s the 1870s.

22. Generations of restaurant-goers dined in this county at The Old Mill, now the location of a steakhouse:

23. As a railhead for the Santa Fe Railroad in 1871, this county’s seat earned its nickname as “the wickedest town in the West.”

24. A grassy airstrip and good food attract many pilots, ranchers and day-trippers to a former railroad hotel in this county.

25. This county’s seat was named after a town in Massachusetts that was the home of some of Santa Fe Railroad stockholders.

26. Warkentin House, the Kauffman Museum and the Blue Sky Sculpture are featured attractions in this county’s seat.

27. Known as a hub of entrepreneurship, this county has seen not only aircraft pioneers but the establishment of Pizza Hut, Koch Industries and Freddy’s Frozen Custard.

28. The Sand Creek Station Golf Course in this county was ranked among 2006’s best new public courses in America by Golf Digest:. 

29. The Museum of World Treasures, Exploration Place and the Kansas Aviation Museum are all attractions in this county

30. Actors Don Johnon and the late Kirstie Alley are from this county.




1. Butler

2. Butler

3. Sedgwick

4. Harvey

5. Harvey

6. Butler

7. Butler

8. Sedgwick

9. Butler

10. Butler

11. Harvey

12. Sedgwick

13. Harvey

14. Sedgwick

15. Sedgwick

16. Butler

17. Butler

18. Harvey 

19. Harvey

20. Butler

21. Sedgwick

22. Harvey

23. Harvey

24. Butler 

25. Harvey

26. Harvey 

27. Sedgwick

28. Harvey

29. Sedgwick 

30. Sedgwick