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New Deal’s impact still felt in Wichita

September 28, 2021 | By Joe Stumpe

As politicians in Washington debate massive new infrastructure spending, it’s interesting to recall how the New Deal programs of nearly a century ago affected Wichita.       The impact of those projects spearheaded by President Franklin Roosevelt can hardly be overstated. They are still a big part of the city’s life in areas ranging […]

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Allen House gets prairie garden to match

August 2, 2021 | By The Active Age

By Annie Calovich Visitors to the Frank Lloyd Wright house in College Hill have always been amazed at the pristine condition of the restored interior of the residence. The grounds surrounding the house, on the other hand, for a long while did not reflect the admirable inside, which is now a museum. But local master […]

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Butler CC benefactors step up for Andover facility

June 1, 2021 | By Beth Bower

For Scott Redler, it all started in his hometown of St. Louis. The co-founder of Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers made breakfast for his family as a kid and helped his mother and grandmother in the kitchen on a regular basis. “I always had a passion for food,” he said. Redler used that passion to […]

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