Please help the active age financially by enrolling in the Dillons Community Rewards program. We make it as easy as 1, 2, 3. Fill in the information below and press submit. We’ll take it from there. This does not affect your Shoppers Card rewards* in any way.

**Email Address:

Dillons Plus Shoppers Card Number:


Address (including city, state, zip):


*You will not lose any fuel points. the active age receives a donation from Dillons as a reward for shoppers who use their shopper’s card on behalf of the active age.
**You must register a Dillon’s account online to enroll in Community Rewards and verify your Dillon’s Shoppers Card. We will set up your account. There is a setting that will disable any junk email from Dillons, aside from a confirmation email to let you know that your account was created. If you already have a Dillon’s online account, please send your current user name and password to update your community rewards non-profit selection to Active Aging Publishing Inc.


You will receive via email the username/password information for your Dillons account if you want to log on to it in the future or if you’d like to change your password.

Thank you for supporting the active age.