Doctor puts expertise to work in novel

By Ted Ayers | August 31, 2022

“The Lethal Elixer,” by Dennis Ross (Archway Publishing, 2021, 273 pages, $18.99)

Dennis Ross is a Wichita nephrologist and clinical professor at the University of Kansas Medical Center who has written one previous novel, “The Perfect Match.” “The Lethal Elixer” is a sequel to that book.

This book is certainly topical as it includes references to terrorism, global domination, international intrigue and the mysterious threat of a deadly virus. The author’s medical background is apparent in his writing and gives a sense of believability to the medical aspects of the story.

While I found the romantic involvements of the various characters, including protagonists Dr. Hamilton and FBI Agent Johnson, to be a bit implausible, they do add a spark of intimacy and a certain sense of spice to the story. If you enjoy medical mysteries and supporting local authors — and if a story involving a possible pandemic doesn’t hit too close to home — you may enjoy this fast-paced story.

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