Giving of yourself the best gift of all

By Tiya Tonn | February 25, 2022

Tiya Tonn


One of the most rewarding experiences available is the opportunity to impact the lives of others in a positive way through volunteering. The giving of time and talent is likely to improve the life of the giver, too.

Volunteers often become healthier, not only from the positivity they feel but because volunteering actually reduces stress and anxiety, combats depression, helps with mental alertness and generates more movement. Volunteering is often a great way to learn a new skill — or share the skills and passion you already possess with someone else.

Volunteering has changed drastically in the last two years. Numbers radically dropped for many small nonprofits that rely heavily upon volunteers just as needs soared. Many organizations have become very imaginative and have made volunteering right from home a possibility through computers, telephones and other means.

 It won’t fill every need, but it can keep volunteers connected and assisting nonprofits when they need them the most. Be creative: If you have an idea how you could volunteer to help a nonprofit, contact them to start the conversation. You are needed. Set the example and others may even follow. 

You’ll often read about volunteer opportunities in The Active Age because we believe they’re so valuable to the community and our readers. As a small nonprofit, The Active Age could not survive without volunteers. Life can be fresh, exciting and full or new adventures and experiences at any age, and volunteering is one way to make sure it remains so.

Butler County resident Tiya Tonn is a board member of The Active Age.