Grand Central cooler than ever

By The Active Age | July 1, 2021

NEWTON — When temperatures creep up this summer, visitors to Grand Central senior center won’t sweat it.

The center recently finished a $60,000 overhaul of its air conditioning system.

“It’s definitely a great addition,” Grand Central board president Bob Driskill said. “We couldn’t use this facility if we didn’t have that air conditioning.”

Driskill said the board realized about five years ago that the existing system was so old that repairing and finding parts for it would be cost prohibitive. Board members contributed to the cost of the new system as well as numerous other individuals, Driskill said. “People would just give $50 there, $30 here, that sort of thing.”

The center is one of the busiest in the area, recording 15,000 visits during the quarter preceding the pandemic.