Help keep The Active Age strong

By Al Higdon | February 1, 2024

As a regular monthly reader of The Active Age for many years now, I’ve noticed the quality of articles and its overall content unquestionably getting better and better. Perhaps, like me, each issue you’ve found yourself gravitating to your favorite author(s) and first seeing what he or she has to say that month.

Consistently producing high quality news and feature articles of interest and importance to seniors is a challenge, one I know The Active Age editor and staff attack with enthusiasm each month.

But with postage and other costs continually increasing, there’s a price to pay for what we receive free. The nonprofit publication looks to us, its readers, to help offset these costs with contributions in whatever amount we’re comfortable providing — $10, $50, $100 or, if you would be so kind, joining me at the $200 (or more) level.

This will help ensure our interest and need to be informed is met throughout this year ahead. Thank you.

Al Higdon joined The Active Age’s board of directors in 2021.