History lives at Larksfield Place

By The Active Age | June 27, 2023

Some of the 20 WSU students and 11 Larksfield Place residents who took part in the “I Witness to History” program.

Larksfield Place and Wichita State University recently collaborated on an Intergenerational program called “I Witness to History.”

WSU freshmen in a class called Connecting Generations spent the second part of their spring semester collecting life stories from independent living residents at Larksfield Place. The time together also broke stereotypes that crop up between generations.

“This class has not only helped me learn to communicate better with older adults, but it’s also given me a new friend and mentor,” one student said.

A resident said she “just loved getting to know these girls. I’m so happy I did this.”

Larksfield and WSU plan a second session of “I Witness to History.”