If you liked Ike, you’ll love this ’50s quiz

By Nancy Wheeler | May 1, 2020

How much do you remember about life in Wichita during the 1950’s? Remember eating at Wolf’s Cafeteria, seeing performances at the Wichita Forum and attending sock hops?

Try your hand at these questions, and let your mind drift back to a different era. The answers are on page 14.

What legendary star gave two performances at the Wichita Forum on May 18, 1956?

What was the original name of Charles Koch Arena?

What 33-mile-long construction project built during the 1950s was prompted by consistent city flooding?

What former Wichita University coach retired as the seventh-winningest coach in college basketball history? 

What Wichitan starred as both Freddie Fudd and Santa Claus?

By what name was Newman University known in the 1950s?

How long did the Dockum Drug Store sit-in last?

The well-known Innes Tea Room was popular for what pie specialty?

What long-time anchorman uttered the first words heard on KAKE-TV on October 19, 1954?

What accredited history museum was established in 1952, right next to the Arkansas River?

In 1954, Boeing began production of what plane that still flies active missions today?

In 1958, Dan Carney wrote the original recipe for Pizza Hut pizza sauce on what household item?

During the 1950s, where in Wichita would you find the words “LAST WARNING, DO NOT STAND UP – SIT DOWN”?

Active Age reader Nancy Wheeler put together this quiz. She’s promised more decade-themed ones in the future.