Innovative outdoor fitness court opens Friday in north Wichita

By The Active Age | May 9, 2024

An outdoor fitness court will officially open at 1 p.m. Friday in Pat Garcia Veterans Memorial Park in north Wichita.
Located at 2640 N. Wellington Place, between Arkansas and Broadway, the court was developed by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, Wichita Park and Recreation and the National Fitness Campaign.
According to a news release, the court will “expand free access to high quality workouts and create equitable access to exercise for communities around the state. The Fitness Court is the world’s best outdoor gym that lets people use their own body weight to get a complete workout using seven exercise stations.”
It is designed for people aged 14 and over and with all abilities and fitness levels. Users also may download the free Fitness Court App — “which acts as a coach-in-your-pocket and enhances the outdoor gym into a digitally supported wellness experience,” the news release states.
“We need more innovative solutions to address the physical activity needs of all Kansans — solutions that will level the playing field and allow everyone a safe place to enjoy the outdoors and improve their
health,” said Virginia Barnes, director of Blue Health Initiatives at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas.
Residents are invited to attend the launch event at 1 p.m. on Friday, May 10 to try the Fitness Court. For more information, visit the calendar event, or contact Wichita Park & Recreation at 316-268-4361. For more information on BCBSKS support of NFC, visit