Is the state holding your money? Visit new kiosk at tag office to find out

By The Active Age | July 12, 2023

The Kansas state treasury currently holds about $50 million in unclaimed money and property from Sedgwick County, and officials say they are trying to track down its owners.

The state already has a website,, where residents can see if the state is holding money or other assets that belong to them. Citizens can search by typing in their last name.

On Thursday, the county will open a kiosk with computer monitors at its tag office at 2525 W. Douglas where residents can also search for unclaimed property using their last name.

“Since most Sedgwick County residents stop by a tag office at least once a year, we’re hoping they’ll take a moment during their next visit to check their name at the kiosk,” county Treasurer Brandi Bailey said in a news release. “Even if they don’t have any unclaimed property, they might find a lucky friend or family member on the list.”

Unclaimed property is not real estate, but money, in most cases, that stems from a person’s failure to cash checks or to notify a financial institution of a change in address. Some common examples include:

Uncashed payroll checks and money orders

Refunds and overpayments

Closed bank accounts

Stocks and bonds

Safe deposit box contents

Insurance proceeds

Beneficiary benefits

Anyone who finds unclaimed property on the kiosk list can follow the instructions for filing a claim online. There is no deadline or fee to make a claim. To date, the state of Kansas has returned nearly $400 million in unclaimed property.

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