July Quiz: Where in Kansas are you?

By Nancy Wheeler | July 1, 2021

Imagine you are plopped down in an unfamiliar Kansas town and shown only one or two of its features. Can you identify it?

Use the clues below to identify 13 different towns across the state. The answers appear on page 17.

1. You pass the Holly Frontier Oil Refinery on your way to the Coutts Museum of Art.

2. You see water towers labeled “Hot” and “Cold” while attending the Miss Kansas Pageant.

3. You see the largest ball of sisal twine built by a community while attending the “Twine-a-thon” held each August.

4. You eat in the historic Hays House restaurant and view the Judd family’s prized collection of crystal.

5. You see the “fish-within-a-fish” in the Sternberg Museum of Natural History.

6. You see the beautiful St. Benedict’s Abbey as well as the Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum.

7. You see the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site on your way to the Evel Knievel Museum.

8. From quite a distance, you see the twin 141-feet-tall towers of The Basilica of St. Fidelis, the first basilica in Kansas.

9. You see Island Park and the annual Isle of Lights Christmas display.

10. You see the “Gateway to the Gyp Hills” and the home of Carry Nation.

11. You see the Heritage House and traveled through a 95-foot-long tunnel to the Dalton Gang Hideout.

12.  You see this city’s annual Sculpture Tour and visit the Rolling Hills Zoo.

13. You buy Ruby Slipper snow globes and foam Yellow Bricks while visiting Dorothy’s House and the Land of Oz with its Tornado Simulation Room.