June quiz: It’s all in the family

By Nancy Wheeler | May 31, 2024

The answers to the following clues all mention a family member. The answers appear below.

1. What program debuted on CBS in October 1954 and starred Robert Young as the dad who had all the answers?

2. What 2008 movie starred Meryl Streep and featured songs by ABBA?

3.  What anti-slavery novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe was published in two volumes in 1852?

4. What ’60s comedy duo had their own television show and often argued about “who Mom liked best?”

5. What legal or contract clause provides an exemption for someone when a rule change occurs?

6. What 1992 comedy movie featured Whoopi Goldberg as she revamped a convent’s choir?

7. What ’60s comedy show featured Fred MacMurray as the widower Steve Douglas who is raising Mike, Robbie, and Chip?

8. What mall pretzel shop creates a variety of different types of pretzels while customers look on?

9. What ladies’ historical group recognizes their heritage and honors veterans through their Wreaths Across America program?

10. In what vintage children’s game do you politely ask permission to take steps forward?

11. Who is said to be watching you in George Orwell’s “1984”?




1. Father Knows Best

2. Mamma Mia

3. Uncle Tom’s Cabin

4. Smothers Brothers

5. Grandfather clause

6. Sister Act

7. My Three Sons

8. Auntie Anne’s

9. Daughters of the American Revolution

10. Mother, May I?