Lazy, luscious lasagna  

By Joe Stumpe | August 29, 2018


Easy isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when making lasagna. But a couple of shortcuts will put this dish on your table in about an hour, with little mess to clean up.

First, don’t boil your noodles (and you don’t need the “oven-ready” ones). Regular noodles will soften just fine if use enough sauce. You’ll need to cook it a little longer – 50 to 60 minutes – and keep it covered with aluminum foil while it’s in the oven.

This recipe also saves time by using store-bought spaghetti sauce, which is already seasoned, and using a blend of Italian cheeses that are shredded and packaged. 

Adding some fresh basil, oregano and/or parsley for the sauce and ricotta mixture are nice if handy, but not required.