Letters to the Editor

By Tammara Fogle | May 2, 2022

Carrying on

The article “Carry Nation: Reconsidered” by Gina Kaufman (February 2022) was excellent. 

There has been a long chain of successors to Carry Nation in Kansas. The efforts were active for decades and had a significant influence. I cannot trace the chain back all of the way, but my memory goes back to the Rev. Richard Taylor, who was the president of Kansans for Life at its Best for many years. He was effective in the Legislature as a lobbyist on issues of liquor and gambling.

In 2000, I was recruited to become the president of that organization and continue the work of Carry Nation in Kansas. We changed the organization’s name to Kansas for Addiction Prevention a few years into my presidency. We continued to resist the expansion of access to alcohol and at least slowed the expansion. It was only after we ran out of financial support in 2012 and closed down the organization that booze made it in the grocery stores and convenience stores and other restrictions were eliminated.

Garry Winget

Quiz wiz

Thank you for your informative publication. I especially enjoy the quizzes and appreciate the names for the January quiz (“Presidential nicknames”). I found the answers on the computer by checking for pictures. The nicknames were different in some cases.

Jo Auchterlonie