Letters to the Editor

By Tammara Fogle | August 31, 2021

The report by Mary Clarkin on “Mental illness driving homeless disaster” (August 2021) is excellent. I appreciated the background info about federal action and about the Four County approach. It is encouraging to hear that Wichita is going to attempt a better approach through enlargement of ComCare. 

This is such an important topic. It has the same urgency for me as the climate crisis. If our country does not solve this, the cities will be destroyed as creative, productive centers.

Novelene Ross, Wichita

Thank you for your great story on Bill Fry (“France says ‘merci’ to WW pilot) in August 2021. He was my neighbor for seven years before I moved to Shepherd’s Crossing. A great guy!

Dana Gythiel, Bel Aire