Make Valentine’s Day special with a hand-picked gift

By Bonnie Bing | February 1, 2022

One size fringed, crochet poncho, $36, at Ann’s Fashions.

It’s February, and you know what that means. No, not the Super Bowl. Well, yes, it is being played on Feb. 13, but what’s the very next day? Valentine’s Day!

Of the two, a win on Feb. 14 is likely to matter a whole lot more.

At the mention of this special day some people scoff and mutter, “Huh. It’s not a holiday, it’s a day that makes florists and candy makers and greeting card companies a lot of money.” 

That may be true, but it’s a day that celebrates love, and who doesn’t want to take part in that? 

Not into buying anyone candy, flowers or sending a card? There are plenty of other choices out there. Sometimes we have trouble coming up with something more original than the expected items. Here are some suggestions and ideas.

First, back away from shrink-wrapped gift baskets and boxes. Sure, it looks like a bunch of great stuff and it already has a pretty bow on it, but it’s not personal.

Ask yourself if there was something your significant other wanted for Christmas that they didn’t get? That could be a slam dunk for you because the person has probably given up on ever receiving it.

It’s rarely a good idea to give a woman something that requires an electrical outlet. Appliances don’t relay a message of love, even if it’s the most expensive model of one.

Whether you’re buying for a man or a woman, clothing can be tricky unless you know their exact size, favorite color, taste, etc.

       Getting the right size in clothing is extremely important. If you buy a person a garment that is too small, it is embarrassing and the recipient will wonder if you’re hinting that losing weight should be on their to-do list.

 If you buy something in a size that’s too big, they will likely ask, “Geez, how big do you think I am?” No wonder flowers are a standby.

 If it’s clothing you’re buying, choose something that is easy to fit, such as a robe. And choose colors you’ve seen the recipient wear before. 

Valentine’s Day is also the perfect time to take a few minutes and write your beloved a sweet, heartfelt note. And no, not a text. Get out the pen and paper.

Your Valentine will appreciate the thought and effort.   

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