Meet winners of The Active Age’s pet photo/story contest

By The Active Age | July 29, 2020

We love it when a dog sticks its head out of a car window almost as much as the dog does. And few look better doing it than Sushi, the winner of our pet photo/story contest.
Sarah Snell calls Sushi “a 3-pound puff of good cheer” and “my best buddy during the coronavirus pandemic.”
“At 15 years old he likes a nap now and then (me, too!) but he’s also always ready for an adventure, especially when we leave the house for a ride along Kansas country roads. He doesn’t mind if his hair gets windblown, and it’s a good day when we find a field of wild sunflowers to admire or a herd of cows to greet.”
Congratulations Sushi, we’re sending you a basket of doggy goodies. Congratulations, too, to all the other pets whose nominations we received. You are obviously much loved.
Here’s a look at some other contestants. For more great pet photos and stories, visit our website, the

Rainbow Bridge Memorial Award Winner


Agnes had her favorite spot sitting under my husband’s legs.  Never took her long to get there and never moved.  She always walked on our right side, turning with Jeff when he mowed the yard until it was time to rest in the shade. Even in her last minutes she told us how special she was. She always slept on her bed, but during her final hour she quietly came to our bed an laid next to it.
Jeff and Jeanenne Cullop

Best Friends Award

Teddy & Poppy

Teddy liked to play more often than her “active age” moms had the energy for, so they found her a friend, Poppy, through the Humane Society’s foster kitten program. When they’re not on their cat castle they spend considerable time chasing each other around their apartment. They both like to watch birds at the feeder, especially Teddy, who makes a chirping sound when she sees them. And they also spend a lot of time cuddling with their moms.
Sigrid Trombley

Best Write-In Candidate

Sweet Charly

Sweet Charley nominated himself. As he put, “My name is Sweet Charly and I rescued my mom and dad. They were so sad because they had to let my sisters Tess and Teena go. It’s been 5 years and we make each other happy! Woof Woof!!”
Jenny and Stanley Smith