Municipal Court Implements Yondr Bags in Courtroom

By The Active Age | July 27, 2023

Beginning Monday, July 31, Wichita Municipal Court will begin requiring the use of Yondr bags in its courtrooms. According to a news release from the city, the usage of the Yondr bag technology is aimed at enhancing the safety or attendees and ensuring a distraction-free environment in Municipal Court.

The bags are soft, lockable pouches that Municipal Court attendees will place their devices in upon entering the court room. Attendees will maintain possession of their devices inside the Yondr bag but will not be able to access their device. At the end of their time at Municipal Court, clerks will unlock the bag.

According to the news release, the bags will enhance:

  1. Privacy and security: Yondr bags protect the privacy of personal information and conversations that could be captured by electronic devices, ensuring confidentiality in legal matters and protection of witnesses and defendants.
  2. Focus: By eliminating the temptation to check or use mobile devices during court sessions, Yondr bags foster an environment where participants can concentrate solely on the proceedings, leading to more productive and efficient hearings.
  3. Respect for decorum: Yondr bags encourage individuals to remain attentive and respectful, reducing disruptions caused by ringing phones, text message alerts, or the unauthorized capturing of sensitive courtroom moments.

The city is leasing Yondr bags from the company for $3,000 a year. For more information on Yondr bags, visit