New booklet a toolbox for mental health

By The Active Age | May 30, 2023

The Active Age has a limited number of free copies of “How to Talk About Feeling Bad: Mental Health, Suicide Prevention & Community Care” available at our office at 125 S. West St., Suite 105. To reserve a copy, please call (316) 942-5384 or email

The booklet is in the form of a ‘zine or graphic comic book, with community members sharing personal their personal stories, input from mental health professionals and illustrations by local artists. It was a project of the Wichita Journalism Collaborative.

A Big Fat Myth About Suicide

“If someone wants to die, they’ll find a way.”

Have you heard that one before? That one sentence sums up much of the prevailing attitude towards suicidal people.

Yet both parts of the statement are wrong in most cases. People experiencing suicidal crisis don’t want to die — they want their pain to end.”

Excerpt from “How To Talk About Feeling Bad”