New season, new looks: Meet the winners of The Active Age’s Spring Makeover Contest

By Bonnie Bing     | April 1, 2024

Marci Williamson was one of three winners of The Active Age’s makeover contest. She’s shown before and after sessions with a hair stylist and makeup artist.

 Like a spring shower, requests came pouring in for the Active Age’s Spring Makeover Contest. To make it happen, hair stylists and makeup artists at three salons gave three lucky contestants a new hairstyle and fresh makeup techniques.

Here are before-and-after photos, what the stylists had to say and how the women felt about the results.

Sheila Hiebert, 80, wanted a new look when she participates in a ballroom dance showcase this summer with her husband, Lyle. 

Hair stylist Melissa Tinker at Eric Fisher Salon added highlights and lowlights to her hair while still keeping it natural and low maintenance. She added layers to the cut and took some weight out of the bottom that gave it a new shape.

Makeup artist Amber Zaman, also at Eric Fisher, started by shaping and filling in Hiebert’s eyebrows. “The brows are important because they frame the face,” Zaman said. 

Zaman put cool, damp pads under Hiebert’s eyes to help reduce bags and catch eyeshadow. With brown tones in light shades under her brows and concealer under her eyes, Hiebert’s eyes looked bigger and brighter. Add foundation, blush, lip liner and lipstick in a darker shade than Sheila usually wears, and voila! 

“Oh, I’m just so impressed,” Hiebert said of her new look. “A little help does a lot. You two are geniuses!”

Dixie LaBrue, 78, wanted a makeover to feel better about herself and impress her children.

Pamela Cutler at Salon Knotty did LaBrue’s hair and makeup. 

During a brief consultation, LaBrue explained that she would love a hairstyle that would make it look like she has thicker hair. She also wanted to be able to style it herself.

Cutler didn’t trim a lot of LaBrue’s hair but re-shaped it into a style that would be easy for her to maintain. She added auburn highlights all over but not so much that it would be a problem when it grew out. Cutler explained that the chemical in color swells the hair and gives it more manageability. She chose auburn to enhance LaBrue’s blue eyes.

Labrue’s eyebrows were shaped and tinted and foundation was used to cover uneven skin tones, contour and highlight. Lighter shades were applied to the forehead, top of the nose and around the eyes to brighten and draw attention to those areas. Darker tones contoured the jawline and cheekbones.

A copper brown shimmery eyeshadow added a bit of glamour while lip liner and lipstick made the lips appear fuller. 

“Oh, my goodness,” LaBrue said. “I feel like a new person. My hair is the biggest change. I really
like it!”

Marci Williamson, 67, grew up with a mom who didn’t let her and her sisters wear makeup. The first thing she wanted to do after the makeover was text her grandson a photo of her new look.

She was eager to learn makeup tips and have a shorter hairstyle but gave Tamara Miller, a hairstylist at Charisma, full rein to do what she thought would be best.

Miller’s first step was putting highlights around Williamson’s face. Then she cut her hair to collarbone length. “I feel like I just lost ten pounds!” Williamson said.

Layering added volume to her hair, which has some natural curl. Miller thought this length would be good during the summer when Marci could still pull it up during hot weather.

Fringy bangs delighted Williamson, who said she had wanted bangs for a long time.

Jessica Barragan did Williamson’s makeup. She applied primer first, then a lightweight foundation and concealer on areas that needed lightening. She blended darker tones for contouring and used light pink eyeshadow and warm brown tones on the lids with darker brown in the crease. She added subtle shimmer to her face and mascara finished the fresh new look.

“Wow! I really like it,” Williamson said. “I finally have bangs! I think my grandson will be impressed!”

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