November quiz: Know your Thanksgiving trivia?

By Nancy Wheeler | November 1, 2023

Challenge your Thanksgiving dinner guests with this quiz. The answers appear on page 18.
1. In what year did the Pilgrims depart England for America? a.) 1420 b.) 1620 c.) 1820
2. What was the name of the ship that the Pilgrims sailed on to America?
a.) Mayflower b.) Santa Maria c.)Nina
3. What world-famous stone is said to mark the site of the Pilgrims’ landing? a.) Rosetta Stone b.) Puritan Point c.) Plymouth Rock
4. Who wrote the history of the Plymouth Colony? a.) William Bradford b.) John Rolfe c.) John Carver
5. In what state was the Plymouth Colony located? a.) Vermont b.) New York c.) Massachusetts
6. What notable Native American served as an interpreter for the Pilgrims? a.) Pocahantas b.) Squanto
c.) Massasoit
7. After overestimating the number of frozen turkeys they would sell, what company invented the TV dinner?
a.)Marie Callender’s b.) Swanson
c.) Hungry-Man
8. What retailer has had a Turkey Talk Line for nearly 40 years?
a.) Butterball b.) Kroger’s c.) Hormel
9. Which retailer hosts a very famous Thanksgiving Day Parade?
a.) Gimbel’s b.) Macy’s c.) Marshall Field’s
10. Who wanted the turkey to be the national bird instead of the Bald Eagle? a.) Ben Franklin b.) John Adams c.) Alexander Hamilton
11. Although pumpkin pie is synonymous with Thanksgiving, what type of pie is actually the favorite, according to the American Pie Council?
a.) . Apple b.). Pecan c.) Raisin
12. What household danger triples on Thanksgiving?
a.) Theft b.) Falls c.)Cooking fires


1. b
2. a
3. c
4. a
5. c
6. b
7. b
8. a
9. b
10. a
11. a
12. c