October quiz is one for the ages

By Nancy Wheeler | October 1, 2020

You’ve probably heard that age is only a number. Actually, it’s a lot more than that. Historical periods are often referred to as “ages.” Take this quiz to see how many you can name. After all, where else would you expect to find a quiz about ages than in The Active Age?
1. F. Scott Fitzgerald called it a time when “the parties were bigger, the pace was faster, the buildings were higher, the morals looser.” Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington made their first recordings then. What was this age called?
2. What 5th Dimension song was paired with “Let the Sunshine in” for the 1967 musical Hair?
3. Both Thomas Paine and John Paul Sartre wrote books entitled The Age of . . . ?
4. In 1920, American novelist Edith Wharton won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for her twelfth novel entitled what?
5. In Classical Greece (500-336 BCE), what term was given to the time when Pericles directed the affairs of Athens at the height of its glory?
6. The Flintstones and the Rubbles were families in an animated American sitcom produced by Hanna-Barbera. The series took place in a romanticized _____ _____ setting.
7. What popular Christian hymn was written in 1763 by the Rev. Augustus Toplady, who was inspired while sheltering in a cleft during a storm?
8. What “age” commenced in earnest with the October 4, 1957 launch of Sputnik 1 by the Soviet Union?
9. What name was given to a philosophical movement led by Voltaire and Rousseau that dominated the world of ideas in Europe in the 18th century?
10. Starting in the 1970’s with the introduction of the personal computer, what time period was defined by the ability to transfer information freely and quickly?

1. Jazz Age
2. The Age of Aquarius
3. Reason
4. The Age of Innocence
5. Golden Age
6. Stone Age
7. Rock of Ages
8. Space Age
9. Age of Enlightenment
10. Digital age or information age