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By The Active Age | July 29, 2020


Pet Stories Below


Delyla is a 2½-year-old Yorkie. She is energetic and very curious.

During the pandemic, my husband and I got bronchitis and pneumonia at the same time. We were in bed for four days and she came and laid between us, never asking for anything. She occasionally licked our hands and cheeks to let us know that she was there for us. What a blessing!

Claudette Thompson


Toby is a 24–pound rat terrier. He is fearless and tenacious, yet also affectionate and well mannered. Daily, those dreaded squirrels dare The Tobster to catch them if he can with games of “ring around the rosy” only to scamper up the tree trunk just beyond his jumping range. Ten years later, squirrels have won the wild and wooly races up the tree 7,302 times…in a row!

As an official senior citizen, this senior dog constantly reminds me the joy of living in the moment.

Paul Dotson


Aspen, a 15-pound Cockapoo, is a wannabe therapy dog and is in charge of me. She is probably a rare pup that has enjoyed the pandemic. You see she has had no competition from foster dogs throughout the pandemic. Then came my torn Achilles. She gets anything light enough for her to carry because she has always understood “Go get me that.” From sacks to small containers and especially toys. That’s why on these days of pandemic and hobbling around, she’s a star!

Leann Smith


Molly May is our 10-year-old toy poodle. We have had her since she was 8 weeks old. Two years ago she was diagnosed with diabetes, which requires an insulin injection twice a day. We are both in our 80’s and she is our little watchdog and pal, filling our days with joy and love.

Rose Peak


Kushy is part Spanish mastiff. He loves to ride, and this is his favorite spot. He’s my big baby. He can get scared at the funniest things, and run to me to hold him. Still thinks he’s lap dog size. He is now two years old.

­Cheryl Carter


Buddy Cruzer showed up when he was about two months old, all covered in fleas. He just “cruised” across the street meowing at me, hence the name. He climbed the tree in front our house to eye level, still talking to me, and that’s when he tugged at my heartsprings.

Cruzer and I became soul mates for 18 years. My wife would wash, fold and separate our clothes and it never failed – Cruzer would always lay on my clean clothes. He was always waiting when I came from home and was my lap buddy, letting me when I was spending too much time on the laptop and not enough playing with him.

I lost him in 2015 and still miss my buddy.

Murn A.J. Miller, Jr.


Last July 22, we had to have our 15-year-old Sheltie put down. Then on Sept. 8, he found his only brother deceased. He was very depressed and didn’t want to go on his daily walk in the park.

The first part of November, I came across this cute little dog which Lifeline Animal Placement & Protection had gotten the day before. It was love at first sight. About three weeks went by and I had the dog do a home visit. We decided to try her out to see how it went.

That night, I came up from the basement to fine the pup on my husband’s chest. I asked him if she jumped up there and he said no, he had put her up there. They have been close ever since and he is walking her in the park. Bria went to puppy class and graduated, hence the photo.

Martha Kinion


When my granddaughter Sophia was 6 years old she started praying for a dog. One day when we were leaving for a soccer game a little dog strolled up in the yard. We looked for the owner, called radio stations and took him to the Humane Society to see if he had a chip. He didn’t and they were too full to keep him so we did.

Sweetie has been the best dog, never barking or biting and surviving a family of 11 children. He is getting old and we will hate to part from him.

Mary Sue Friedel


My rescue dog, Buddy, is about 12 years old now. We don’t walk as far every day as we used to, but he still insists I take him for a short walk every morning. He has been a loving a faithful companion.

Ann McEnna


I adopted Layla after my mother passed in 2015. I had never been on my own and she became my friend and companion. Two years ago, she was attacked by a pit bull and nearly died. As she ran from the dog, she turned and BARKED AT HIM, then ran into the house. I thank God for sending her to me.

Marsha Briar


Dolly Mae, my 16-yearold wire-haired terrier, requires much care due to her blindness and poor hearing but definitely does not believe herself to be disabled. If it weren’t for having to be carried up and down a few stairs several times a day for her outdoor business she would still be totally self-sufficient. Dolly knows her way around the house, can hear a clap that means ‘come’ and a knife tapping on a food can always makes her excited and move quickly.

Sweet Dolly has made being home quite joyful just caring for her and learning from her determined spirit while observing my other tw dogs being careful and protective of her (except my smallest dog, Nick, moves like a F16 fighter jet when Dolly drops a treat.

They fill my heart with gratitude in many different ways.

Deb Smalley