Quick shot artist

By Tammara Fogle | November 1, 2021

Dave Quick

Dave Quick was 10 years old and in for a shock when he developed a photograph he’d shot of a taxi whizzing through Riverside Park.

“There’s an older woman in the back looking straight ahead and the cabbie is giving me the finger!” Quick recalled, with characteristic enthusiasm. “That’s when I learned photography is full of surprises.”

Quick, who has been looking for those surprises ever since, will exhibit about 50 photographs in a show at the Riney Fine Arts Gallery at Friends University Nov. 5-27. He is scheduled to discuss the show in a talk at the gallery at 6 p.m. on Nov. 17.

Quick spent about 25 years on the east coast making art and working in various art-related jobs before returning to Wichita 31 years ago. Since then, he’s taken thousands of photographs of the city and its people, always looking for the unexpected.

“If any art form relies on serendipity,” he said, “it’s photography.”