Roving Pantry rolling one more year

By Joe Stumpe | December 7, 2022

The Active Age

The Roving Pantry program has exceeded its goal to raise $50,000, allowing it to continue operating next year.
“The outpouring of support from our local community has been overwhelming,” said Laurel Alkire, executive director of Senior Services, Inc. of Wichita, the nonprofit that operates the program.
The Roving Pantry program takes grocery orders over the phone from older residents who can’t shop for themselves. Clients in the program pay for their groceries either with cash, check or Vision cards.
Alkire warned that the program would shut down unless it raised the money by Dec. 15. But, she said Wednesday, the agency has raised over $60,000, which will allow it to sustain and improve the program. Among the goals are hiring a second delivery driver, adding new clients and performing much needed maintenance on aging cargo delivery vans.
In a news release, Senior Services acknowledged the Dillons/Kroger Foundation and Sheila Regehr, corporate affairs manager for Dillons, the Wichita Community Foundation and “numerous entrepre-neurs, businesses, churches, and private citizens” who donated.
An out-of-state donor who wishes to remain anonymous made a large gift at Thanksgiving. According to the news release, “This person found the story on the internet and thought how sad it would be if the program closed. The individual was reminded of their own father who could have used the service while he was still living.”
To reach the Roving Pantry service, call (316) 267-4378.