State’s elderly low in food security

By The Active Age | May 30, 2019

Kansas seniors experience food insecurity at a rate greater than the national average, according to a new report.

The report, by an organization called Feeding America, found that across the United States, 7.7 percent of seniors are food insecure and 3.1 percent are very low food secure. In Kansas those numbers are 9.4 percent (ranking ninth in the nation) and 4.9 percent (tied for highest).

The USDA defines food insecurity as having a reduced quality, variety or desirability of diet. Very low food security indicates reduced food intake and disrupted eating patterns.

The Feeding American report was based on information gathered from people 60 and older in 2017.

Laurel Alkire, executive director Senior Service, Inc., which operates Meals on Wheels in Wichita, said food insecurity is a fact of life for many.