Swing back to the ‘60s with this quiz

By Nancy Wheeler | May 27, 2020

The 1960’s brought tremendous improvements to Wichita, including a new zoo, library and Art Association building. Take this quiz to see what else you remember about Wichita during the Swinging 60s.

1. The Wichita State Shockers basketball team made its first Final Four appearance in 1965. Who defeated them in the semi-final game of the championship?

2. What was constructed on the former site of the Wichita Forum?

3. On Dec. 8, 1966, Ike and Tina Turner appeared at what performance venue?

 4. What architectural structure was completed on April 19, 1963, connecting the Fourth National Bank & Trust Building and the Wichita Plaza?

5. What kind of pedestrian sign that allowed people to walk in all directions (even diagonally) was utilized at the corner of Broadway and William?

6. A fire at what Chevrolet dealership on Nov. 21, 1968, resulted in the single largest loss of life for the Wichita Fire Department?

7. The Cotillion opened in December 7, 1960. What group played on opening night?

8. In 1964, which Wichita high school athlete set what record that would stand for 37 years?

9. The Corbin Education Center on the WSU campus was designed by the renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright and dedicated in 1964. Who picked out the terra cotta, turquoise, and black color scheme?

10. In 1960, Friends University changed their mascot to Freddy Falcon. What served as the mascot before that change?

11. On January 16, 1965, tragedy killed 30 people in and around Piatt Street in northeast Wichita. What happened? 

12. The president of what western wear company said: “Never a man was ever born that didn’t have a little cowboy in him”?






Answers to ‘60s quiz:

1. UCLA Bruins, 108-89, in Portland, Ore.

2. Century II. The Forum served as the city’s main auditorium since 1912.

3. Civic Playhouse, opened as the Civic Theater at 725 W. Douglas in 1936. It was demolished in 1977.

4. Elevated walkway

5. Pedestrian scramble (also known as an X-crossing or Barnes Dance)

6.Yingling Chevrolet. Four firefighters died when the roof of the building at 310 S. Topeka collapsed.

7. Ted Weems Orchestra

8. Future congressman Jim Ryun, then a student East High, broke the high school record for the mile with a time of 3:58.

9. Wright’s widow, Olgivanna, developed the color scheme after the architect’s death in 1959.

10. A duck

11. An Air Force fuel tanker crashed, killing seven airmen and 23 people on the ground.

12. Harry Shepler, who started Sheplers in 1949, made the remark.