Take our fitness survey for chance to win books

By The Active Age | March 31, 2020

What’s your favorite way to stay fit? Is it a nightly walk around the neighborhood, a Silver Sneakers class at your local YMCA, a regular round of golf? Or is it a brisk game of pickleball, hopping on your bicycle or the stretching and reaching that goes with gardening?

The active age invites you to fill out and send in this short survey about fitness. In return, we’ll enter your name in a drawing for three new books that extol the virtues of an active life: “In Praise of Walking,” “America’s Best Day Hikes,” and “The Athlete Inside.”

Don’t worry, we’re not sharing your answers with telemarketers! Our goal is to learn more about what works for you in order to keep our readers better informed about all the possibilities and benefits that go along with staying active.

To submit a survey, mail or bring it to The Active Age, 125 S. West St., Suite 105, Wichita, KS, 67213; or email your answers to joe@theactiveage.com.

What is your favorite way to exercise or otherwise stay physically active? (Provide as many answers as desired) ____________

How often do you take part in this activity? _____________

What benefit(s) do you derive from this activity? ____________

That’s it, and good luck in the drawing!

“In Praise of Walking: A New Scientific Exploration” by Shane O’Mara (W.W. Norton & Company, 2020, $25.95 hardcover)

“Neuroscientist Shane O’Mara invites us to marvel at the benefits walking confers on our bodies and brains. From walking’s evolutionary origins, traced back millions of years to life forms on the ocean floor, to new findings from cutting-edge research, he reveals how the brain and nervous system gives us the ability to balance, weave through a crowded city, and run our inner “GPS” system. In Praise of Walking … reminds us to get out of our chairs and discover a happier, healthier, more creative self.”

“The Athlete Inside: The Transforming Power of Hope, Tenacity, and Faith” by Sue Reynolds (Fortress Press, 2020, $24.99 hardcover)

“Four years ago, Sue Reynolds was morbidly obese. Now she’s a 135-pound triathlete who competes at world championships. The Athlete Inside follows Reynolds’s journey as she lost 200 pounds and found an athlete hiding inside her body. From her first walk to her neighbor’s mailbox to finishing sixth at the World Triathlon Championship, Reynolds discovered the joy of conquering fear and pride to find that the best version of herself had been there all along.”

“America’s Best Day Hikes: Spectacular Single-Day Hikes Across the States” by Derek Dellinger (The Countryman Press, $29.95, 2019)

“Discover the 50 greatest hikes across the United States. Celebrating the grandeur and variety of the American landscape, America’s Best Day Hikes takes you on a journey across the country’s most scenic hiking destinations. With a focus on single-day hikes for adventurers of all skill levels, this curated tour of can’t-miss trails in every region will help you prepare for your next expedition with turn-by-turn trail notes, safety and planning tips and vibrant photography.”