Test your memory on the ‘90s quiz

By Nancy Wheeler | August 31, 2020

The 1990’s was a time of change with Kansas electing its first woman governor and the Royals facing the 1994 player’s strike. How much do you remember about Wichita happenings during this decade?
1. Sections of Haysville, southeast Wichita, McConnell Air Force Base, and Andover were struck by an F5 tornado in April of what year? 1991
2. What 17-story downtown hotel was destroyed by implosion in September of 1996?
3. In 1991, Britain’s Laurence Olivier Award was presented to what Wichitan for her role as Queenie in the musical Showboat? Karla Burns
4. What small retail center opened in 1990, featuring a variety of local retailers including Randy Cooper’s and Trio’s? Bradley Fair
5. What ice hockey team was formed in 1992? Wichita Thunder
6. In 1997, the W.S.U. Campus Activities Center was renamed in order to recognize what long time Dean of Students? Dr. James Rhatigan
7. In the spring of 1991, the old Wichita Municipal Airport building was revamped and turned into what facility with more than two million artifacts? Kansas Aviation Museum
8. In 1992, after an American’s Cup victory, what Wichitan donated his qualifying yacht, the Jayhawk, to the Wichita Boathouse? Bill Koch
9. What Canadian aircraft manufacturing firm purchased Learjet in 1990?
10. In the 1990’s, Boeing responded to conflict with labor unions by eventually selling off most of its commercial-aircraft subassembly factory to a newly created subcontractor called what?



Answers: 1.) 1991 2.) Allis Hotel 3.) Karla Burns 4.) Bradley Fair 5.) Wichita Thunder 6.) Dr. James Rhatigan 7.) Kansas Aviation Museum 8.) Bill Koch 9.) Bombardier Aerospace 10.) Spirit AeroSystems.