Thanks to all those still making things work

By Sharon Van Horn | December 1, 2020

Sharon Van Horn

As this crazy year of 2020 has unfolded, we have come to recognize and be thankful for many groups of people we, until now, have taken for granted: medical workers, first responders, truck drivers, store workers and teachers to name a few.

 To that list I would add one more group that showed their valor on Nov 3: election workers. All across our country thousands of people put in countless hours working at polling sites, counting ballots and doing the critical “back end” work that ensured the legitimacy of our greatest democratic privilege — voting. 

Many were young people who worked so their grandparents (who historically are the workers) did not have to be exposed to COVID-19. One young friend who worked at a polling location this year for the first time told me, “I’m so glad I did it! I got to see firsthand all the checks and balances and security that is involved and, I am totally confident in the accuracy and legality of the voting process.”  

As we experience the most unique holiday experience in our lifetime, let us be thankful for these workers and the thousands of people in our community who have been on the “front lines” to keep our lives as normal as possible. I urge you to join me in supporting our local restaurants and businesses as we all get through this crazy year together. Speaking for the staff and board of The Active Age, I want you to know we are thankful for your support. You, in no small part, are the reason we can publish a monthly newspaper. Blessings to you all!   

Sharon Van Horn joined the board of The Active Age in October.