The Active Age takes general excellence, first place awards

By Tammara Fogle | November 1, 2021

SAN DIEGO — The Active Age won the 2021 General Excellence and Best of Show awards from the North American Association of Mature Publishers, the group announced at the annual NAMPA convention held here last month. The awards were for publications with more than 50,000 circulation, with entries judged by journalism faculty at the University of Missouri-Columbia. 

Other awards won by the newspaper include:

First place, Senior Issue, Amy Geiszler-Jones, for an article about parents and grandparents drawn into domestic disputes, which appeared in the April issue.

First place, COVID-19-related article, Mary Clarkin, for an article about nursing home deaths, which appeared in the July 2020 issue.

First place, How-To Feature, Bonnie Bing, for helpful and light-hearted tips on dressing for older women, which appeared in the June issue.

First place, Column/Book review: Ted Ayres, for book reviews that focus on Kansas subjects.

First place, Personal Essay, Ted Blankenship, for humorous look at hard-to-open packaging, which appeared in the October 2020 issue. 

Second place, Profile, Nancy Carver Singleton, for profile of music store owner and musician Phil Uhlik, which appeared in the August 2020 issue.

Second place, Feature, Amee Bohrer, for an article about grandparents turning a beat-up camper into a grandkids getaway, which appeared in the July 2020 issue.

Second place, Topical Issue, Joe Stumpe, for an article about longtime civil rights advocates, which appeared in the July 2020 issue.

First place, Senior Resource Guide, The Active Age, for its 2020-21 55+ Resource Guide.

First Place, Special Section, The Active Age, for its Thrive special section honoring difference makers in the community, which appeared in October 2020.