The catty truth about our feline friends

By Ted Blankenship | February 1, 2023

A while ago I wrote a column on how to train your dog. I got to thinking that maybe I slighted you cat people. To make amends, I’ll give you some pointers on how to train your cat.

Despite what you may think, cats can be trained. You just have to get them to do what they wanted to do before you started training them. 

But on the assumption that your cat refuses to do even that, let’s go over some commands that will give you, the “master,” a fighting chance. 

Let’s begin with “sit.” 

Assume a commanding stance, look the cat in the eye or eyes and forcefully say, “Sit!”

If your cat sits, it’s because he or she has been sitting the whole time you were giving the command. Now you can try “come,” which means the cat is to trot over to your side immediately.

The cat will not come to you at all, but will probably lie down and stare at you. 

If this continues, you might try thumping your pet on the head (lightly, of course.) The cat will bite you. 

Some cat owners have had success with the “play dead” command, but don’t try this if there is a mouse nearby because if your cat obeys at all, it won’t be for long. If the mouse does not leave promptly, he or she will not have to play dead. 

Actually, I’m kidding. I did some reading and found that felines can be trained. Just don’t treat them like dogs. Cats aren’t pack animals. Dogs like to be a part of the family and will do what they think you want them to because they think it will please you.

Cats, say the experts, respond more to affection and food. 

And remember, they know how to get it from you without doing much in return. 

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