‘These Days’: an artist’s response to the times

By The Active Age | December 1, 2020


Adrianne Smith







When the pandemic hit, Adrianne Smith responded the way she best knew how: through art. 

However, doing it through cartooning was different for Smith, who was a fine arts major in college (Wichita State, ’80) and grad school (University at Albany, N.Y., ’85) before working in graphic design and teaching.

“I had been wanting to include words with images for a long time,” Smith said. “Then journaling was suggested to me as a way to sort through some of the things that were going on in my life. At first, the writing was always separate from the visual, then eventually word/image concepts would occur to me related to the events of the previous day.

“The idea for ‘These Days’ was something that I thought of since the pandemic began. In the media and advertisements, I kept hearing everything prefaced with ‘In these difficult or uncertain times,’ and I felt like, well, things have been difficult for a long time, and since when have they ever been certain?”