Ticket contest puts a song in winner’s heart

By The Active Age | August 1, 2019

Linda Hitchcock screened the first phone call she received from the active age. No offense taken; lots of people do that with unfamiliar numbers these days.

When we finally did connect, and she got the news that she’d won our Music Theatre Wichita ticket contest, Linda was doing the verbal equivalent of somersaults on the other end of the line.

“This is like my birthday, Christmas and anniversary all rolled into one,” she said.

It turns out that Linda and Gary, her husband of 42 years, are both singers themselves and big fans of musicals. Linda remembers getting dressed up and attending Saturday matinees staged at Century II by Music Theatre Wichita’s predecessor, the Kenley Star Theatre, with her mother back in the late 1960s.

Her only dilemma was figuring out which of the current season’s productions to attend. “I probably want to go to them all. It’s like Broadway comes to Wichita.”

Overall, reader response to the contest was so enthusiastic that we scrounged up four more tickets and sent two each to Betty Seely and Linda Magnuson the next names drawn out of the hat. We’re concocting a new contest with more tickets as prizes and will roll that soon.