Wichita apartments biggest for buck in U.S.

By Tammara Fogle | April 6, 2022

More proof that Wichita’s cost of living is extremely attractive: A new study shows that Wichita rental units are the biggest in the United States per dollar spent.

In a comparison of the nation’s 100 largest cities, Wichita offered the most space for the money at a little over one square foot per dollar. In Wichita, $1,500 will get you a $1,597, four-bedroom apartment (about twice the size or the average unit in the city). The study was done by RentCafe.com, a nationwide apartment search website.

Wichita was followed on the list by Toledo, Ohio; Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Fort Wayne, In. Up the road in Kansas City, $1,500 would bring a still roomy 1,172 square feet.

By contrast, the study found that about six $1,500 apartments in New York City would fit into their Wichita counterparts.