By The Active Age | October 31, 2019

Congratulations to the winners of last month’s puzzle contest/theater ticket drawing: Lois Barrett, Theresa Bills, Mrs. Pat Postlethwait, Debbie Rohrback and Maria Tenborg. And thanks again to the participating theaters who provided tickets: Crown Uptown, Guild Street Players, Kechi Playhouse, Mosley Street Melodrama and Wichita Community Theatre.

Here are the clues and answers to the puzzle, which asked readers to find the last names of well-known Wichitans:

Made Boston her TV home: Alley (Kirstie)

Western lawmen exercised brotherly love: Earp

Rode ‘Wind’ to an Oscar: McDaniel (Hattie)

Retired young and at the top of his game: Sanders (Barry)

A king of the aviation business: Lear (Bill)

Family known for more than just money: Koch

Fourth in line for a really big job: Pompeo (Mike)

Statuesque all-time great basketball Shocker: Stallworth (Dave)

Brothers grabbed huge slice of fast food business: Carney

Survived for long time as TV host: Probst (Jeff)

Ran fast, then ran for office: Ryun (Jim)