Yes, Dear Reader, I am still thankful this year

By Mary Corrigan | November 2, 2020

As Thanksgiving approaches, there are two specific things for which I am most grateful this year: The Active Age staff and our Active Age readers.  

First, putting together each issue of the monthly paper is, in the best of times, a labor of love. With a full-time staff of only three, they “run” at 100 percent all the time. Putting the Active Age together during a pandemic required a lot of creativity, especially when one member experienced Covid-19 first-hand. 

Nevertheless, and as you all know, not one issue of Active Age arrived late in your mail box! Still, the staff wasn’t done. They also produced the annual 55+ Resource Guide, which lists hundreds of agencies and organizations that serve older adults in Butler, Harvey and Sedgwick counties (call the office if you need one) and organized a new endeavor called the Thrive Awards, which celebrated the accomplishments of 25 people over 55 and appeared in your October newspaper.  

Second, I am grateful for each and every reader of The Active Age. Many of you have contacted the office with great ideas for future story lines. Although the pandemic made it difficult for many to be out and about, we know from advertiser feedback that you have let the advertisers know how much you appreciate their support for the newspaper. Please continue to do so when you have opportunities in the future. I also know that despite the hardships caused by the pandemic that many of you have been able to make donations to keep The Active Age in print. “Thank you” seems insignificant, but I do very much thank you for your donations and want you to know how important they are. We couldn’t do the things we do without all of your support and encouragement.

On a personal level this Thanksgiving, I will admit to feeling a little blue. Normally I am able to travel to Seattle to spend time with my two wonderful nephews. That won’t happen this year. However, the most important thing to me is that they have been healthy throughout this pandemic, and for that, I am most thankful. 

So, let me close the same way I do when I Zoom call with my nephews: Wash your hands, stay six feet apart and wear a mask. Yes, they roll their eyes at me, too!

Mary Corrigan is president of The Active Age’s volunteer board of directors.