Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Free event will help Kansans gain skills needed to thrive in the digital economy

The Grow with Google tour is coming to Wichita. Google will host the one-day event from 9 a.m.-6 pm. Wednesday, May 30, inside the Hughes Metroplex at Wichita State University.

There will be hands-on workshops with Google staff on topics such as online tools for small businesses, job search strategies, email basics and search engine optimization. They will help job seekers, small business owners, students, educators and entrepreneurs improve their digital skills.

In addition to the six different workshops, there will be one-on-one coaching sessions and interactive demonstrations. Attendees may drop in for a few sessions or stay all day.

Following the event, Google will explore ongoing opportunities with area organizations in order to continue its local commitment to job training and developing digital skills.

To learn more about the event and register, visit

Are you prepared for severe weather?

Severe weather season is off to a racing start in Kansas.

“If you plan to store important data on electronic devices, protect your information by creating a printed list or loading data onto a portable storage device and placing the information in safe location,” suggests Jim Hanni, a AAA spokesperson. “Should cell phones and computers be damaged or destroyed by storms, important data could be lost if it was stored directly on the electronic device.”

These tips will help if disaster strikes:

  • Make a personal document inventory list. Don’t write down the account number for bank accounts, credit card companies, etc., but do record the card names (AAA, bank name, store name, etc.), due dates, expiration dates and customer service numbers. If you have this information stored in a safe place, you’ll have quick access to your accounts.
  • Create three lists of document information. Place one set in a clearly marked file at home. Store one set in a watertight, fireproof file. Place the third copy in your bank safe-deposit box or give it to your attorney, a trusted friend or family member who doesn’t live with you.
  • If you can, provide a copy of your records with someone who doesn’t live with you or in the same town (in case your town is sustains heavy damage). You can use printed copies, USB drives or zip drives.
  • Create a list of valuables such as jewelry, artwork, electronics, etc., with an estimate of their worth. When evaluating high-value items, a professional appraisal company is helpful. Take photos or video of each item to keep with your inventory. Also, remember to update your homeowner’s policy with any new, high-ticket purchases. This makes it easier for you when filing a claim.
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